York Electronic Services, Inc. is a partner you can trust for your safety, security, and communications needs. Our team can help evaluate any commercial client's business initiatives and provide sustainable solutions that maintain compliance standards through the "YES" Total Package. No matter what industry you may be in or the specific needs of your business, we have offices in Tulsa and OKC that are ready to help maximize your return on investment.

From security to safety systems, the electrical systems installers at York Electronic Systems, Inc. have the experience and knowledge required to complete your project safely and up-to-code. We have worked hard to compile the best team of electrical system contractors possible in Northeast Oklahoma and Central Oklahoma to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail

York Electronic Systems, Inc. (YES) is an Oklahoma based, Native American woman owned company that provides design, engineering, consulting, construction, installation and service for building technology solutions including safety, security, communications and audio-visual systems.

What is Possible with York Electronic Systems, Inc.?

Finding a partner who can be a single point of contact for your facility's safety, security, and communications needs can be extremely challenging. York Electronic Systems, Inc. has over thirty years of experience with field installation for commercial electronics systems and full contractor coordination for electronic system installation projects. With our unique solutions, any client can take advantage of our ability to manage the entire project life-cycle for any needed low-voltage systems.


York Electronic Systems, Inc. has design and engineering experts who will work directly with the client to define their project objectives, including any physical requirements, functionality requirements, workflow requirements, and integration needs for existing and future systems. Each area concept may be individualized throughout this process while still integrating the project theme and objectives into the overall design.


While most businesses will choose to get their solution and support services from multiple providers, this can often complicate billing and make it challenging to ensure your electrical systems continue functioning properly with minimal downtime. To combat this problem, York Electronic Systems, Inc. offers convenient Technology-as-a-Service options that cover all of these bases with a subscription-based, monthly payment option.


York Electronic Services, Inc. provides cloud-hosted services for clients that want flexible, pay-as-you-go safety and communications solutions. Through these solutions, our team can unlock many benefits for our clients, including disaster recovery, software updates, remote support, and a reduced carbon footprint. Whether you are installing a new system or want to migrate your existing ones, we can help streamline the process.


Many of the clients that York Electronic Systems, Inc. works with are subject to NFPA 72 tests and inspections and multi-jurisdictional compliance reporting. We have state-licensed inspectors in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that help your facilities adhere to regulations and maintain high safety standards. If you struggle to keep up with the many demands placed on your business or facilities by governing agencies, we are a partner you can trust.


York Electronic Systems, Inc. provides central station monitoring solutions that are UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond Certified. These central station monitoring options can be utilized for various low-voltage electrical systems that may be found inside your commercial facilities, including elevators, fire alarms, intrusion alarms, emergency telephones, or life safety systems. If you are not utilizing central station monitoring or are interested in expanding your existing monitoring, we can help.


Most facilities rely on their vital safety, security, and communication systems daily. Unfortunately, these systems can go down when they are most needed without the proper maintenance. York Electronic Systems, Inc. responds to troubleshooting, repair, or replacement requests 24 hours a day. Even better, our preventative maintenance programs can help reduce outages and extend the life of your equipment with periodic system reviews, testing, and software updates.

Why Choose York Electronic Systems, Inc.?

York Electronic Systems, Inc. (YES) is an Oklahoma-based, Native American woman-owned company that provides design, engineering, consulting, construction, installation, and service options for building technology solutions, including safety, security, communications, and audio-visual systems. Our team can bring you the confidence and dependability you need as a locally-owned and nationally-recognized service company with a staff of NICET Certified Fire and Life Safety systems specialists.