Commercial Case Study

Commercial Case Study

Melton Truck Lines

In 2013, Melton Truck Lines (Melton), a domestic and international flatbed carrier headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, began planning construction of a new corporate headquarters. Melton President, Bob Peterson, believed it was time to build for the future by building a new facility more than tripling its size from 23,000 to 75,000 square feet.

YES worked closely with Melton’s leadership team to design solutions that embody their culture of wellness, reliability, safety and on-time delivery while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. There were 3 design phases that lasted nearly 12 months. During that time, YES value engineered solutions to reduce the overall low voltage systems budget by 30%.

YES collaborated closely with the architect, Kinslow, Keith and Todd; and the design-build General Contractor, Fleming Building Company, to provision the vast acoustical, architectural, electrical and mechanical requirements of the diverse low-voltage systems. YES’s “one-stop shop” design-build approach provides many benefits including a simplified design phase, enhanced communication and coordination, collective accountability, and cross-platform integration. The result is a more cost effective solution, a smoother integration, and one hand to high-five.

One primary objective of Melton President, Bob Peterson, was to maintain the small company feel by engaging employees, sharing experiences and celebrating successes and milestones. From this requirement, YES developed a video wall concept, now affectionately referred to as “Bob TV”. In the lobby area above a real wood burning fire place, you will find a 16 foot by 9 foot LCD video wall that would rival those found in sports arenas. YES worked with KKT to design a recessed space to house the 16- 55” displays that made up the video wall, taking into consideration ventilation requirements and space for the audio loudspeakers. The virtually invisible sound system is comprised of all tour grade components, compliments the high resolution displays to create an amazing focal point for all things Melton. To simplify control of this complex system, YES provided a recessed 10” touch panel, making presentations easy for even a novice.

To obtain Melton’s objective of flexibility and expandability within a specified budget, YES provided a distributed multichannel HD signage solution that enables five HD channels to be selected independently on any of the displays distributed throughout the facility including gym and treadmill displays. The five channels included two custom/branded themes of Melton content with one created for external client information and the second providing information for Melton associates. Two of the channels are selectable from cable TV and the fifth channel is an open HDMI input that is available for special presentation or future.

Keeping in line with Melton’s requirements for efficiency, the conference rooms and board room were designed to operate intuitively and display content from either a document printer, local computer, or a guest computer via HDMI. Source selection is proved by auto switchers requiring no action by the presenter other than to plug in or turn on the device. All conference rooms are equipped with 70” LCD/LED displays and the boardroom is provided a 5500 Lumen HD projector and recessed electric HD screen.

To meet the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), YES provided a state of the art Fire Alarm System operated via touchscreen interface located at the main entrance. Complexities of the Fire Alarm System include audio visual appliances, photo beam detection, integration with the sprinkler system, kitchen hood suppression system, smoke evacuation system and includes wireless off-site central station monitoring. Additionally, YES provided consultation to design a custom smoke evacuation system involving 78 windows in the central atrium, addressing the need to limit the migration of smoke in the building in case of fire.

Because employee safety is paramount at Melton, YES designed a unified security platform that integrates surveillance, access control and panic alarms. The system can be monitored and controlled from Melton’s 24x7 operated central dispatch or remotely from the network or mobile device, allowing Melton to identify open doors, security breaches and emergency situations.

The infrastructure required to support all of these low voltage systems and Melton’s new network is vast. The structured cabling system has 637 data drops over 3 floors, 23 drops for wireless access points, and Multimode 50 micron duct rated fiber optic cable. Maintaining the integrity of this new network also required temperature monitoring to provide notification via email, text or alarm when temperatures are outside of a designated threshold.

Retaining timely and effective communications between employees was key to the new open work space design, so YES devised a sound masking system to provide privacy within open work spaces. The system utilizes a white noise generator into an 800 watt amplifier distributed through 147- suspended plenum space loudspeakers divided into 10 zones. This design diminishes vocal frequencies and allows each work area to adjust the white noise as needed. An overhead paging system was also integrated into Melton’s SIP phone system to allow zoned or all call paging for announcements, event coordination and emergency communications. Keeping with Melton’s motto of on-time delivery, a centralized digital clock system was also implemented to ensure all Melton time is synchronized, creating efficiency and goal obtainment.

This project delivery method, while complex, maximizes YES’s ability to deliver end results that exceed clients’ expectations and as Jim Boulware, Principal Architect with KKT shares “surpassed everyone’s design goals.” Having one company with the ability to design and build everything from an 18 feet high video wall to life safety systems results in well integrated systems delivered on time and per Randy Rhines, Melton CIO a “finished product they are proud to show off.”


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