The safety and advancement of business in Bethany, Oklahoma, is our greatest ambition. York Electronic Systems, Inc. is here to implement communication, security, and safety systems in local commercial buildings. We are honored to collaborate every step of the way, meeting our clients' needs and biggest aspirations.

We Make Buildings in Bethany Safe and Smart

When investing in your business, we know the details matter, and we listen. Installing brand new or simply upgrading, York Electronic Systems, Inc. provides solutions in communication and security for a new age. Management and maintenance happen seamlessly while avoiding any interruptions in your daily workflow. Our team works hard to achieve Bethany clients' maximum fulfillment.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise!

We thrive on making customer experiences 5-star every time. Our commitment is to build relationships that last a lifetime. We stand by our Bethany professionals to provide you with optimal technology and creative solutions. Look no further than York Electronic Systems, Inc. for your commercial communications and safety needs. Request your quote by clicking the link below or call us to learn more about what is possible!


Upgrade Your Bethany Facilities with the "YES" Total Package

With a vast number of offerings from various merchants, it's easy to get confused. Company A maintains systems from Company B, and Company C charges for upgrades while no one is looking. Don't get stuck in messy, multi-vendor scenarios. York Electronic Systems, Inc. in Bethany now provides a one-stop solution.

The "YES" total package comprehensively evaluates the client's business initiatives and provides solutions that maintain compliance standards and are sustainable while maximizing your return on investment. Our electronic system installation contractors in Bethany will review your existing equipment, recommend new equipment to meet your goals, install it, and maintain it if problems occur. Some of the services included with the "YES" Total Package include:


Connect with us to discover how York Electronic Systems, Inc. can pursue your enterprise goals, incorporate them into your existing system, or design plans for a forthcoming system. Customizable strategies keep schematics bespoke and unique to your needs.


York Electronic Systems, Inc. now offers a Technology-as-a-service plan. With this plan, our team will provide support and solution services for your Bethany facilities whenever needed. The best part? They are bundled into a monthly subscription! Look no further than York Electronic Systems, Inc for 24/7 support.


Physical on-site servers require time, attention, and money. They can overheat, break, and need upgrades. With cloud hosting, your data is secure, backed up, and reduces your carbon footprint. Never worry about a server crash again with York Electronic Systems, Inc. Cloud.


We offer Oklahoma licensed professionals to administer NFPA 72 testing and inspection. Following testing, York Electronic Systems, Inc. provides multi-jurisdictional reporting keeping you safe and up to date on the latest regulations.


Central station monitoring includes intrusion, fire, emergency phone services, elevators, and more in our life systems category. York Electronic Systems, Inc. provides UL-listed and CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Monitoring for the best monitoring in Bethany.


Contact our Bethany support team for any system repairs or troubleshooting, emergencies, or other low-voltage electronics issues any time, 24/7. Regular maintenance will ensure a long life for your network. We're proud to work efficiently, minimizing downtime for commercial clients.

Ready to Get Started?

York Electronic Systems, Inc. has a lot to offer, and if you're ready for the convenience of having a one-stop solution for your commercial needs, request your FREE quote below! Let us know how we can build your bespoke system, and a Bethany professional will work with you to develop the best package for you. Give us a call today to take advantage of our "YES" Total Package.