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Commercial low-voltage electronics can be confusing. When safety is involved, it is best to turn to the pros. York Electronic Systems, Inc. is here in Midwest City to resolve all of your operations obstacles. If you are running a startup or major enterprise, now is the time to connect with one of our team members, who will evaluate your system and suggest products and services that work specifically for you.

We Make Buildings in Midwest City Safe and Smart

If you are looking for a way to provide safe and secure communications for your business, you are in the right place. We are thrilled to serve Midwest City entrepreneurs with complete solutions. This Native American woman-owned business has worked tirelessly to collect the best licensed technicians to support your communication needs. Call now and let York Electronic Systems, Inc. make your property safe and smart.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise!

When you are searching for a team to install, repair, or reinvent your commercial electronics systems, the search stops with us. York Electronic Systems, Inc. offers the latest communications, safety, and security systems. We have found Midwest City professionals with integrity to serve your business efficiently. Call today or click below to connect with a representative and discover how to enrich your business communications.


Upgrade Your Midwest City Facilities with the "YES" Total Package

There are a lot of choices when trying to find the best solutions for your communication systems. There's no better time than today to explore York Electronic Systems, Inc. "YES" Total Package. The pros in Midwest City are licensed and ready to find creative solutions to keep your operation safe and up-to-date. This total package solution is the best all-in-one offering around.

The "YES" total package comprehensively evaluates the client's business initiatives and provides solutions that maintain compliance standards and are sustainable while maximizing your return on investment. Our electronic system installation contractors in Midwest City will review your existing equipment, recommend new equipment to meet your goals, install it, and maintain it if problems occur. Some of the services included with the "YES" Total Package include:


Choosing York Electronic Systems, Inc. means you get tailored, creative solutions for your commercial facilities. That includes world-class design and engineering to make communications dreams come true. Large or small, partner with us today to find out how our fantastic team can safely enrich your low-voltage business systems.


Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) is becoming an industry standard, and we proudly present it to Midwest City today. Technology-as-a-service bundles in support where and when you need it. The York Electronic Systems, Inc. team is seasoned and ready to quickly find solutions to your obstacles. For the best, most seamless experience, include technology-as-a-service in your bundle today.


There is no time to wait; York Electronic Systems, Inc.'s cloud-hosted services are part of a comprehensive, modern network. We strive for efficiency; having a cloud system that has redundant backups, automatically updates, and does not take up any physical space in your building equals a solution you can count on. Do not deal with server errors, shutdowns, or overheating. Add York Electronic Systems, Inc. cloud-hosted services to your package today.


Inspections, testing, and compliance reporting are tasks that must be done thoroughly and promptly. Luckily, York Electronic Systems, Inc. offers these services and is ready to keep Midwest City safe. Our Oklahoma licensed professionals meet NFPA 72 inspection standards and all multi-jurisdictional requirements.


Central Station Monitoring is crucial for safety when an emergency threatens your occupants. York Electronic Systems, Inc. provides UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond Certified solutions. We are honored to install low-voltage systems for commercial elevators, fire alarms, intrusion alarms, emergency telephones, and life safety systems. We are ready to help you discover how to enhance your existing system or install a brand-new one.


Life happens. Maintenance or repairs must be executed immediately and adequately when you rely on your building's safety, security, and communication systems. The York Electronic Systems, Inc. service team is your 24-hour Midwest City go-to for troubleshooting and repairs. Not only when something happens, but we offer preventative maintenance that can minimize or eliminate future problems before they happen.

Ready to Get Started?

We love our job and serving this community. Our team is standing by, ready to make your commercial communications the best they can be. It is crucial, now more than ever, that we stay connected. If you want a one-stop solution that includes communications, security, safety, and healthcare, explore the "YES" Total Package by reaching out and talking to a team member today!