Tulsa's safety, security, and communication needs are our focus. Commercial clients in Oklahoma's second largest city can look no further than York Electronic Services, Inc. for support in various low-voltage electrical system needs. We are prepared to collaborate with you and learn about your vision, step by step, to make your Tulsa operation simplified, linear, and efficient.

We Make Buildings in Tulsa Safe and Smart

We have found the best licensed local technicians to evolve your communication standards. At York Electronic Systems, Inc., installation, upgrades, and maintenance keep your enterprise safe and free from downtime. Tulsa is one of the fastest-growing cities in Oklahoma. We are committed to working around the clock to stay ahead of the curve and make Tulsa commercial businesses safer and smarter

Take Advantage of Our Expertise!

York Electronic Systems, Inc. aims to build large-scale solutions with a personalized touch. As a Tulsa-based business, we know what it takes to achieve your dreams in this city. Our seasoned professionals will guide you to the perfect solution for your team. Communication, safety, and security are critical. Request your quote by clicking the link below or call us to learn more about what is possible!


Upgrade Your Tulsa Facilities with the "YES" Total Package

Invest in your property with the York Electronic Systems, Inc. "YES" Total Package. There's a lot to choose from regarding comprehensive service in communication wiring and electronics. Don't spread the tasks out among a bunch of different companies. Let an advisor tell you how we can be your complete solution with one monthly price.

The "YES" total package comprehensively evaluates the client's business initiatives and provides solutions that maintain compliance standards and are sustainable while maximizing your return on investment. Our electronic system installation contractors in Tulsa will review your existing equipment, recommend new equipment to meet your goals, install it, and maintain it if problems occur. Some of the services included with the "YES" Total Package include:


Partnering with York Electronic Systems, Inc. means our engineers can collaborate with you to optimize your vision. We will customize the plan specifically for your commercial operation by finessing your existing systems or preparing for future expansion. The possibilities are truly endless!.


It's becoming known that bundling services together means ease of use and access. Our Tulsa professionals provide industry-leading support for all services rendered. York Electronic Systems, Inc. technology-as-a-service brings a complete packaged solution a la a monthly subscription and is just one click or call away.


Racks of servers take up tons of space, generate lots of heat, and depend upon regular maintenance and monitoring to avoid breakdowns. With York Electronic Systems' cloud-hosted services, you can cast your server time and troubles aside. There is no better way to minimize your carbon footprint while protecting your data.


For your inspection, testing, and compliance reporting needs, York Electronic Systems, Inc. only supplies state-qualified, licensed professionals to get the job done right. Our Tulsa team upholds all NFPA 72 standards making your choice of who to partner with easy. For the most thorough inspections, testing, and compliance reporting in Oklahoma, call York Electronic Systems, Inc. today.


Top-tier central station monitoring gives our clients peace of mind when finding communication and safety solutions. UL-listed and CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Monitoring are of the highest quality and reliability – something York Electronic Systems, Inc. takes incredibly seriously. Taking care of clients with fast and precise communications gets help immediately in case of fire, elevator failure, and more.


We know that one slip can throw your network out of alignment in our business. York Electronic Systems, Inc. offers access to a Tulsa team member 24/7 to fix, upgrade, repair, or replace any kink that may arise. The show must go on with commercial operations, and our regular maintenance plan keeps you from downtime and help you keep all systems functioning as intended

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It would be our honor to have you as a client, and we promise to come up with a creative solution just for you. Improve your system today in the simplest way available. The "YES" Total Package is now here in Tulsa, providing you with the advantages of modern electronics architecture and intelligent, safe design. Request your FREE quote below to get started on your project. For even more info, call our service representative today to answer your questions about the "YES" Total Package subscription.