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Technology as a Service (TaaS)

The Smart Way to Pay for Your Technology Solutions and/or A convenient monthly payment option to procure your technology with added protection, flexibility, and control.
What is TaaS

TaaS is a way to pay for your solution that is offered exclusively through YES. This is an agreement that bundles your solution and support services into a convenient subscription-based monthly payment option. TaaS is becoming the preferred way to pay for technology versus capital expense payment options such as leasing, bank loans, and cash purchases. Shield allows you to stay at the forefront of technology so you can remain competitive and prevent obsolete technology from creating a bottleneck in your growth opportunities.

Key Features of Shield/TaaS

1. Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG)

SRG is protection from being locked into technology that no longer serves your needs. If your solution lacks the ability to meet the needs of your business or has become obsolete for any reason, you have the option to upgrade to a brand new solution at any point during the term. Your existing contract will be completely forgiven without penalty fees or rolling over balances.

2. Act of God

Protect your technology in the event of a natural disaster. Under the agreement, we pay your insurance deductible if your equipment is damaged by any natural disaster; lightning, tornado, fire, etc..

3. Bundled Support & Maintenance

Always have protection. Lock-in the cost of our maintenance or support service agreement at today’s labor rates for the duration of your contract term. The monthly cost will be bundled without finance charges into the same payment as your equipment.

4. Financial Benefits

Shield is an as-a-service payment program for organizations that do not want to own their technology solutions, but rather want the benefit in usage and access of the solution. Shield allows you to preserve cash flow so you can use your capital for revenue generating business activities. And, when considering the time value of money, Shield is often the lowest cost method of procurement.

5. Multiple End of Term Options

Evaluate your needs and usage of the technology at the end of your term. A lot can change in 3-5 years. You may need to upgrade, or renew with the SRG, or you may just want to return the equipment. You will have options that you can decide on when that time comes.

Is TaaS The Right Choice for You

The way we buy technology has changed. TaaS provides peace of mind to grow and evolve your technology as you grow and evolve. This kind of flexibility is ideal for remaining competitive. Owning technology can hold you back and prevent you from being agile in the market because it lacks that flexibility and bottlenecks your growth. If you are less concerned with ownership and need to focus on outcomes, access, and usage of the technology, TaaS is the better way to pay for technology in today’s market.

* Shield/TaaS is available to you in collaboration with our financing partnership with TAMCO